Monday, February 26, 2018

Power Outage - Noyes Lab - Fri, Mar 2 thru Sun, Mar 4 - UPDATED(3/5)

The outage has been completed and everything went well.  If you have any issues related to the outage in your area, please let us know.

To All in Noyes Lab:

F & S will be conducting a PARTIAL POWER OUTAGE beginning FRIDAY, MARCH 2 at 6PM and ending SUNDAY, MARCH 4 at 5PM.  This outage is being done to replace the switchboard in Room 87.  All facilities that will be directly affected have been notified by us.  Since the switchboard has to be completely shut down for replacement, the following areas will be affected(includes a timeline):

Building(s) involved & which section(s) of building(s) affected:    Noyes Lab - Switchboard in Room 87.  Shutting down Switchboard, outage effects entire South wing , SE corner and to the South of the elevator on all floors of building.  Outage will begin with SCS IT team shutting down non critical server racks starting at 5 pm to allow for cooling of Room 450.  At 6 pm, shop 25 will open switch and remove wiring for switchboard to be replaced.  At 7PM Friday the 2nd the switch will be reenergized that will turn on power to the west Liebert unit and the old server panel in 450 NL. The east Liebert only in 450 NL will then be off as the rest of the areas listed for the duration of the project which is 5PM Sunday 3/4/18.

Further details of the outage are below:

PARTIAL ELECTRICAL at NOYES LABORATORY OF CHEMISTRY (0012) from 2018/03/02 18:00 to 2018/03/04 17:00 -
Outage ID : 3290
Outage Reason : Replacement of electrical distribution equipment located in room 87.
Building Sections affected : Entire south wing of building, SE corner and to the south of elevator on all floors.
Building Services affected : Electrical power, lights, and equipment.
Building Occupants Effect : No electricity
Comments : Non-critical servers will be affected at beginning of outage from 6PM to 7PM 3/2/18, east liebert will be out for entire outage, west unit will be out at beginning of outage from 6PM to 7PM 3/2/18.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know ASAP.
This information can also be found on the SCS Building Outages/Important Notices Blog:


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