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F & S will be conducting a VENTILATION OUTAGE on FRIDAY, MAY 18 from 6:00AM-10:00AM.  This is being done on the SF-3 due to a bad smell throughout the ductwork.  They will manually open the dampers to the other supply units so there shouldn’t be any disruption.  However, you could potentially notice cooler temps and it may affect the hoods in some of the rooms.  The rooms affected are listed in the details of the outage below:

Facilities and Services is requesting an outage on
VENTILATION at CHEMICAL & LIFE SCIENCES LABORATORY (0070) from 2018/05/18 06:00 to 2018/05/18 10:00 -
Ventilation Fan No. : SF-3 Building A
Ventilation Area. : See below
Outage ID : 5546
Outage Reason : SF-3 is putting out a bad smell throughout the ductwork.
Building Sections affected : Rooms in A building
Building Services affected : A120,A122,A124,A125 fume hood,A127,A127A, A129,A129A,A129B,A129C,A214,A220,A224,A225 fume hood,A227 fume hood,A324,A326,A328,A330,A325 fume hood,A327 fume hood,A329 fume hood,A422,A424,A426,A433 fume hood,A435 fume hood,A441 fume hood,A524,A526,A527 fume hood,A528,A529 fume hood,A530, A531 fume hood, and A532. With this supply air being shut down for a little bit these fume hood alarms may or may not go off.
Building Occupants Effect : Possible temperature change in the rooms and may affect the fume hoods which are in 12 rooms out of the 38 rooms.
This information can also be found on the SCS Building Outages/Important Notices blog:   If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.


Ken Wooldridge
Operations Manager
School of Chemical Sciences
505 S Mathews
Urbana, IL 61801
PH 217 300-3347
Cell 217 202-4908

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