Thursday, March 7, 2019



  • BROKEN GLASS:  If you break any type of glass, PLEASE clean it up ASAP!  The Building Service Workers(BSW’s) are not responsible for cleaning it up due to liability and safety reasons.  It is the responsibility of the lab occupants to clean up broken glass.

  • EMPTY BOXES:  When you empty a cardboard box and are no longer using it, PLEASE break it down before placing it in the hallway for removal!  This makes it easier to haul them away and takes up less space in the hallway.  One recommendation would be to designate a broken down box area near your lab space so everyone knows where to place them.

  • BIO BAGS:  PLEASE make sure you properly closing the bio bags when they are full and taking them to the autoclaves ASAP.  This is due to health and safety reasons and it is EXTREMELY important they do not sit in the labs open for days at a time.  The BSW’s are NOT allowed to touch them or move them at all.  The SCS Facilities and Safety team recommends all lab members get in the habit of removing them daily.

  • HALLWAYS:  The hallways are becoming an issue once again.  It is necessary to keep the hallways free and clear of any trash, carts, boxes, etc. at ALL times.  Not only for safety reasons but we do have prospective students, alumni, & other important visitors to our buildings that do not want to see cluttered hallways.  So please do your part and keep hallways cleaned up!

  • CLEANING SUPPLIES:  The SCS Facilities and Safety Team recommends you ALWAYS have a broom, dustpan, Swiffer(or some type of mop) available to lab members to clean up any broken glass, non-chemical spills, or other messes made throughout the day.   During lab clean ups, the BSW’s are not allowed to provide any cleaning supplies and must be provided by the lab members themselves.  If you would like a special request such as a deep cleaning of the floors(strip/wax) or large brutes with liners for your lab clean ups, you may put a work order in Reaction and provide a CFOP.

This information will be on the SCS Building Outages/Important Notices Blog( if you need to reference it or need a refresher.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. 


Danielle Cruzan
SCS Facilities & Safety Assistant
Noyes Lab 106
MC 712 Box D5

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