Thursday, December 7, 2017

Affected Services During Noyes Lab Electrical Outage

To All in SCS:

NOYES LAB will experience several PLANNED ELECTRICAL OUTAGES over the Christmas break. There will be full power outages and partial power outages so all the computer servers in the Noyes Lab data center will be down beginning 12:00 PM Friday December 22nd through January 1st.

Affected services: The following services will not be available from 12:00 PM Friday December 22nd through January 1st:

Pharos (Printer/copiers connected to Pharos will not operate in any building)
Business Office RT (Request Tracker trouble ticket software)
Computational Cluster Nodes in 450 Noyes Lab
CLC servers Octane and Butane
SCS Group Storage Servers
SCS Website

Depending on the actual length of the power outages and unforeseen issues due to the power outages, some of these services may be restored before January 1st.  Due to the amount of equipment affected by the outages and the duration, CANS Help Desk staff will not be available during the Christmas break.  

NOYES LAB OCCUPANTS – What to do IN ADVANCE of the outage:
On Friday, December 22, or the last day that you work before the power outages, you should shut off all electrical devices including instruments, printers, copiers, computers, etc.  We recommend that you unplug the power from the wall socket for sensitive electronics.

On Tuesday, January 2nd, or the first day you work after the outage, you may turn everything back on.

If you are having computer related issues January 2nd or later, please contact

Chuck Wallbaum
Director, Computer Services
School of Chemical Sciences

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

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